We offer gift wrapping using “BANSHU-ORI” fabric.

Let me wrap a gift for your loved one.

I am particular about services that can only be done here.

“BANSHU-ORI-Fabric” which has a long history.

By getting the cooperation of a local

<Banshu Area, Hyogo, Japan> company,

TUTUMUS’ BANSHU-ORI-Gift Wrapping was born.

Many of the materials used in “BANSHU-ORI-Fabric” gift wrapping,

It is usually discarded in the middle of dough production.

“Hagire” “Mimi yarn” “warp” “tether yarn” etc

I combine these and up recycle.

The feature of “BANSHU-ORI-Fabric” is

First, the yarn is dyed in various colors, 

and then the yarn is carefully woven, 

so the color of the fabric is bright and beautiful.

The “ribbon” we are using is actually made from

the waste of the fabric.

The reason for being discarded is because

producers have not been able to find

their intended purpose for many decades.

S-Size | Gift Card..etc


M-Size | Full Bottle 1..etc


L-Size | Box Set, Full Bottle 2…etc


Besides this, I will gift wrap other than the above.

However, prices vary depending on the size.
It also costs shipping costs.

Please inquire by email.

Follow our SNS and get the latest information.

TUTUMU at marubunnoichi

〒677-0015 147, Nishiwaki, NIshiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan

Time:9:00 – 16:00